Monday, January 30, 2012

The Eight Fold Path EP

Download: The Eight Fold Path EP!

       Thank you all for checking out Mac Dylan, Rubix Cubed & The Eight Hundred Bills mixtapes. But now I bring to you one of my favorite projects that I have been a part of, The Eight Fold Path EP. This is more of a concept tape where Don Rubix and Kensei take on personas influenced by heavily by Samurai, anime and... well you'll figure it out. Also the beats used are primarily Nujabees so if you are a fan of theirs then I'm sure you will enjoy this EP. Once again thanks for visiting the website and downloading the new EP!


...Oh and a special thanks to S. Camacho on the artwork! Awesome job.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Second track off of the upcoming EP The Eight Fold Path!

We want to thank everyone for downloading our music and checking out the first song off of The Eight Fold Path Ep, Samurai On the Rise. Here is the second release off of the project titled "Samurai Seven Train". Hold us down if your from Queens. The full release coming this Tuesday!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

New EP: The Eight Fold Path 1/31/12

"Samurai On The Rise" the first track off of The Eight Fold Path mixtape coming out 1/31/12

I want to thank everyone that took the time to download our other three mixtapes and hear us out. We have one last Mixtape to end off the month of January, The Eight Fold path featuring yours truly Kensei and Don Juan in an interesting mix of hiphop and story. If you enjoy anime, the Nujabees, 800Bills or anything else real I think you'll be interested. So click the link above and of course, stay tuned... 1/31/12


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mac Dylan - Kensei Abbot

Download MAC DYLAN the Full Mixtape

     I have been building towards this moment for almost a full year. This is a collection of my most recent work that I am most definitely proud to say is of my own love and fascination with Music and Hip Hop. Download, enjoy and let me know how your experience was.

    - $800$Kensei

The Rubix Cubed EP

Again I must also make special mention of another $800Bill$ member Don Rubix, who's mixtape was just released this month. Rubix Cubed was a walk on the raw side of hiphop and though i didn't get a feature... (  -_-" ) I still gotta show love! Definitely worth a listen and many more after that. One of my favorites off of his project was Appreciation & Dirty Socks... yea now I know your interested.

Download Rubix Cubed

Eight Hundred Bills The Mixtape

Before I upload my project I want to give special attention to the first project I was ever part of. Eight Hundred Bills The Mixtape includes experiences and points in my life where words must be carefully chosen to detail. These were some of the first serious recordings I had taken part of along with Don Rubix and JohnnyBoy (amongst his numerous aliases).

My First Post (Testing)

This is my first post on this new website so with that I should make it grand. I am releasing my first solo project today, January 25th of 2012. This will be the first of many for the year and only the beginning of what I will accomplish.