Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The next couple of weeks will be real big for the fellas at 800. With the upcoming release of CHINA and JC: The Influence mixtapes, the last week of April will be one to remember. This of course will not be the only news otherwise there wouldn't be so many BIGs in the title! Following these two legendary tapes dropping will be the long awaited 800 Bills Takover Collaboration project which will include your regulars Kensei Abbot, Don Rubix & Johnny Boy, but also other Emcees from the Tri-State area including local artists Nine 2 Five, Vega, Caneyelive, brickzAli, Tainted Supremacy, & Pose Rap. Now following this particular project will be the sneak preview of Manhattan Niggas project, an EP will be released.

Yes I know this is a lot of music to take in within such a short amount of time but don't worry, there will be even more coming up soon. Don Rubix & Kensei Abbot have already got back in the lab to work on another fun adventure of a project where... actually I'll leave the details out for now but just know that you will take a trip down memory lane.. haha. So with that said enjoy some new tunes and video from Don Rubix.

4/26: CHINA
4/30: JC: The Influence
5/1: 800 Bills Takeover: The Peruvian Files
5/5: The Manhattan Niggas EP

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