Thursday, May 10, 2012


 The time has come for the fan's input to really help out 800. Kensei Abbot has submitted a few songs to the CommonEdits contest, if he wins he is granted promotional coverage, he will be featured on the first Global CommonEdits mixtape, possibly fly out to Dallas for a showcase, and hopefully many more good things to come. We need you to visit the voting website and actively vote for Kensei Abbot. Choose whichever song that you like the best, comment on it, tweet it, add it to your G+. Any of these are great, even put the link or songs on your facebook or blogs, anything will help.

Also be on the lookout for Kensei Abbot's solo project 15,000,000 which releases this coming week, May 15th, 5.15. His debut video for "Here We Go Again (420)" below. Also keep both ears fuckin open for Johnny Boy to make his solo debut the following week on the 25th of May.

Thank you for all your love and help. 
Video For "HERE WE GO AGAIN(420))


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