Monday, May 7, 2012

[New] Two New Videos & Solo Project News #800Bills

Thank You all for downloading each or even just one of the latest mixtapes, CHINA, 800 TakeOver, Manhattan Niggas EP, Dumplings & California Rolls, and The Influence. It has been a very busy month or so and the fellas at 800 want to keep your mouths watering. Solo Projects from Kensei Abbot & Don Rubix should each be dropping soon, Mac Dylan's 15,000,000 is expected on the 15th of May whereas the legendary Blue Waffle tape could come at any moment. So with all of this big exciting news coming your way here are two more legendary videos. Kensei Abbot's Here We Go Again (420) produced by @CDRay_Beats out of the Netherlands, the video filmed and edited by Don Rubix. And Don Rubix's East Coast Girls produced by the chef himself.
Be sure to watch each of these videos in HD and tell all your friends, we could be coming to a park or a shopping center near you.


Watch out 0_0

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